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Divorce is never easy. Everyone's situation is different, and spouses often don't want to settle due to the emotions involved. Separating feelings from divorce is essential to family law settlements, and is more healthy and productive in the end.

Miller and Smith Law will fight for you when we have to, and seek a peaceful exit if at all possible. There are several ways to settle including settlement conferences, mediation and arbitration.

Separation Agreements Terms

Separation Agreements may address all issues involved in the dissolution of marriage, including:

  • The division of tangible property such as cars, homes, jewelry, furniture, and intangible property such as stocks, bonds, vested pensions, retirement accounts, life insurance.
  • The allocation of debts. The agreement is enforceable between the parties but does not relieve the other spouse from his/her legal obligation to satisfy the debt with the bank or other financial institution.
  • Custody (as decided by the judge what's in the best interest of the children.)
  • Child support.
  • Child tax exemptions.
  • College expenses.
  • Alimony.

separation agreements

Our attorneys can help you negotiate separation agreements and address both your needs as well as your spouse’s. We will consider your current family resources, income and expenses and what they’ll likely be post-separation. We can help you be realistic about the compromises you may have to make, while fighting for what you need. Call us today.

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Tammy is an amazing attorney. She helped me in a custody case and the outcome was amazing! Tammy is a caring and truthful lawyer that has the best interest of the client and child in mind.

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May 03, 2019

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